Whether it be recognizing those who go above and beyond, providing opportunities for students of all abilities to interact through art and music, or supporting parents; we at Full Spectrum are always looking for new ideas and opportunities to be of service to our community.

Music Class

Change Agents Orchestral Program

Do you have a child that wants to play music? In cooperation with Kitrael Chin of Hearts for Music and Jamieson Bowman of Violin Bowman Music Studio, Full Spectrum will be forming our flagship group of Change Agents Musicians! The program will be available to ANY student, age 7-101! No experience needed, just a willingness to learn and a strong commitment to SHOW UP for his/her group members and teachers. ALL CHILDREN are welcome, including those with ANY special need! Fill out the form below, so we can gain more of an idea of interest. Our goal is to begin in May. Once we have your email, we will send out more information!