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EMPOWERED Girls Groups

This month we celebrate female authors and explore the worlds of J.K. Rowling and Louisa May Alcott! Join us July 18th from 4:00-5:30!

Girls in grades 2-5 will discover diverse women leaders throughout history and also those living today in our community. Attendees will participate in activities, art projects, learn leadership skills, and will periodically listen to and VISIT amazing women DOING what they do BEST! Meetings are once a month! 

A report from Ypulse research group and the authors of "The Confidence Code for Girls" found that today’s girls often experience low levels of confidence. While young girls and boys are equally likely to believe they will succeed in a STEM career, when girls enter their teen years, their confidence often stagnates and they begin to doubt their abilities. We are here to change that. Introducing EMPOWERED...Save the Date!  

Diverse Kindergarten

Preschool and Pre-K Enrichment Pods

Preparing the "Fundation" for our future leaders! Intensive, small group, preschool program that supports not only the student, but the family.

Opening Fall 2021! Registration is OPEN!

Tutoring a Student

Private Tutoring

Grades PreK-12

The word "TUTORING" can sometimes have negative connotations. Many children hear they need a tutor and automatically think there is something wrong with them. Our staff likes the word "ENRICHMENT" much better! Whether a student lacks skills in a subject or needs more challenge, all children can benefit from enrichment tailored to their level and learning style. This is what we aim to provide at Full Spectrum.

  • One Hour or Half Hour Sessions

  • We offer sessions in your home, online, or at our location

  • Free half-hour assessment included

  • All of our tutors are insured and have completed a background check

  • Client contract must be signed to begin services

  • Payment plans and scholarships available

Our private, intensive reading intervention program (for students in grades K-2) includes 20, 90 minute sessions, scheduled and completed on YOUR schedule with a personal tutor. It will include an initial consultation with our Certified Wilson Reading Instructor, who will tailor a personalized program fit to your child's specific needs using the Fundations Ready to Rise curriculum. She will set your child up with one of our tutors to implement the program and provide ongoing support throughout the process. This program can be completed at our location OR at your home. Your tutor will schedule around your family and include a post assessment. Sessions do not expire and can continue into the school year to be used at any time.

Cost: $50/session (at location) $60/session (in your home) Payment Plan available

Kids in Art Class

Classes and Summer Camps

Registration is open!

We've planned a full slate of camps and classes centering on Math, Science, Art, Reading/Writing, Music and College Prep for grades PreK-12!

Teacher and Pupil

Reading Intervention

Fluency and Comprehension

We offer consultations and reading tutoring support both in private and in group format. 

Lynn Metzger serves as a consultant for Full Spectrum Student Services. She is Wilson trained and has extensive background in Dyslexia and Specific Learning Disabilities, multi-sensory tutoring methods, and activity based learning.

If you have a child with reading difficulties, please contact us and we can set you up with Lynn for a consult. 

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Change Agents Musicians Program

For ANY CHILD who wants to play music

Do you have a child that wants to play music? In cooperation with Kitrael Chin of Hearts for Music and Jamieson Bowman of Violin Bowman Music Studio, Full Spectrum will be forming our flagship group of Change Agents Musicians! The program will be available to ANY student, age 7-101! No experience needed, just a willingness to learn and a strong commitment to SHOW UP for his/her group members and teachers. ALL CHILDREN are welcome, including those with ANY special need! Fill out the form below, so we can gain more of an idea of interest. Our goal is to begin in May. Once we have your email, we will send out more information!

Students Taking Exams


Private and Small Group

All of our programs offer test taking strategies and assistance with content area.  We specialize in helping each student tailor his or her approach to the test, allowing the student to understand personal strengths and weaknesses.  The goal, intensity, and strategy of these programs is for a student and family to make a one-time investment for a personal best score. Our current average for past students is a 3-5 point increase in ACT score and a 200 point increase on the SAT.